All of us have good memories of one of our childhood teachers. After meeting Laura I’m going to have good memories of one of my adulthood teachers. She has left a footprint in my life. Laura is a brilliant teacher and a better person. She is funny, positive, smart, active and is always in a good mood. No matter how bad your day is she makes you laugh and feel good! When I first met her I thought, ‘Oh wow, she seems a bit eccentric’, but then I realised that she was simply different from other teachers I had had. Everybody can become a teacher but not everybody knows how to teach. Laura has that talent and you can see it in her passion for teaching. She has very unusual and special methods that turn the class into a friendly meeting. She helps you whenever you need no matter whether is inside or outside the classroom. If I had to choose one of my English teachers I would definitely choose her. Gemma Sancho Alos, music teacher, from Spain

Since coming to London, Laura has helped me perfect my English in a very efficient way. She quickly identified my difficulties and we worked based on this. Her teaching methods are not only effective, but also fun, making it a pleasure to study English. During the classes we worked on grammar, speaking (with emphasis on pronunciation), reading, writing and vocabulary, so my English improved in every aspect. I have studied English for at least ten years and Laura is the best teacher I have ever had. Florencia Gutierrez, biology teacher and researcher, from Chile

I really enjoy Laura's classes and learn a lot in them. Thanks to Laura learning English is a very fun experience. It's the first time I go to English classes happy and the time flies. Miriam Martinez, channel account manager, from Spain

I followed Laura's group Advanced and Conversation English classes for one year. She structures the whole class like a journey full of fun and interesting surprises. Most learning points are taught through games and practice and you just absorb them naturally, without pain. She is like a trustworthy friend supporting you any time you need it. Everybody in her class feels free and relaxed talking in English. Learning English was never be so enjoyable for me, and I always felt time flew too quickly in her class. Thanks to Laura's classes, I am now more confident when speaking English and I have also learnt lots of cultural differences between Britain and China that has helped me communicate more efficiently. Selena Zhang, Student of Masters in Finance, from China

I met Laura in February 2012. My friend and I were interested in having English classes and another friend recommended Laura to us, telling us she was an excellent teacher. From that moment, I’ve been Laura’s student. The first thing which caught my attention was how likeable Laura is and how dynamic her classes are. For example, she mixes grammatical exercises, conversation, homework correction, new materials, oral presentations and debates. Time flies in her classes! Laura’s classes are not only fun, but also very productive. Laura’s doesn’t waste a moment of the class. She organises the materials really well, taking your level and interests into account. Laura is a warm, enthusiastic and demanding teacher. She makes you feel comfortable; she makes you want to work and give your best. Laura motivates you to work during the classes and through the homework you revise and cement what you’ve learnt at home. Laura structures her classes well. Her dedication to and expertise in teaching English are evident. She is very flexible and adapts to her students’ needs. For example, without warning, I asked her if we could change the class content in order to practise for an interview in English that I needed to prepare for. Laura agreed immediately and organised a wonderful interview preparation class. I have learnt a lot in classes with Laura and have thoroughly enjoyed them. She is an excellent teacher and person. I recommend her classes 100%. Teresa Vergarao, psychologist, from Chile

My name is Rachel and I’ve been Laura’s student for almost a year. When I just moved to London I started taking her class and from the first moment I was impressed. Unlike my previous experience in language classes when I was silent most of the time, in her classes, Laura makes me talk, express myself and the most important thing – to feel comfortable with my English. She also makes the classes like something I don't want it to be over thanks to her creative ideas such as fun games, stories you want to share, writings and readings. You don’t even feel you are studying. And above all, I think that her winning personality and her abundance of energy make her classes unparalleled. Rachel Mizrahi, from Israel

I really liked Laura's leassons. If I had to summarise them, I would say that Laura helped me to make the difference between knowing and speaking English. I learnt how to use it as a tool in my day to day life in London and to feel confident with the language. Her classes are fun, dynamic and always with relevant, good material related to what we are studying.To finish, I would like to add that another good quality of Laura's is that she is always trying to respond to her students' needs. For example, if I felt weak in some areas, I talked to Laura and she always covered it next leasson. Constanza Lapostol, lawyer, from Chile

Conocí a Laura en febrero del 2012. Con una amiga estábamos interesadas en tener clases de inglés y otra amiga nos recomendó a Laura diciéndonos que era una excelente profesora. Desde ese momento hasta ahora he seguido en sus clases. Recuerdo que lo primero que me llamó la atención era lo simpática que es Laura y lo dinámicas que son sus clases (intercala ejercicios de gramática, conversación, revisión de tareas y de materias nuevas, presentaciones orales, debates). El tiempo pasaba y sigue pasando volando en sus clases!! Las clases no son solo entretenidas sino también muy aprovechadas. Laura no nos deja perder ningún minuto! Organiza muy bien las materias, considerando nuestro nivel e intereses y aprovecha cada momento de la clase. Laura es una persona acogedora, entusiasta, simpática y exigente. Te hace sentir cómodo y a la vez te impulsa a trabajar y dar lo más que tu puedes. Te motiva a trabajar durante las clases y, a través de las tareas, a repasar y profundizar en lo aprendido en la casa. Laura estructura muy bien las clases, se nota su dedicación y completa experticia en el tema. A la vez, es una persona flexible que se adapta a tus necesidades. Por ejemplo, sin previo aviso le pedí a Laura si podíamos cambiar el contenido de las clases porque me habían avisado (a último minuto) que tendría que ir a una entrevista en inglés y necesitaba prepararme para ella. Laura aceptó inmediatamente y organizó una clase de preparación de entrevistas espectacular! He aprendido mucho en las clases con Laura y además lo he pasado muy bien en el proceso. Es una excelente profesora y persona. Recomiendo sus clases 100%. Teresa Vergarao, psicóloga, de Chile

שמי חלי ואני תלמידה של לורה כמעט שנה.
נרשמתי לשיעורים שלה שבועיים אחרי שעברתי ללונדון וכבר בשיעור הראשון התרשמתי לטובה.
זו הייתה הפעם הראשונה בה דיברתי באנגלית בפורום כזה גדול. בשיעורי אנגלית בתיכון הייתי מתחמקת
מכל הזדמנות לדבר בכיתה ורק כאן, בזכות לורה, אזרתי אומץ והתחלתי לדבר בלי לחשוש.
היא עזרה לי להתגבר על המחסומים, לבטא את עצמי ולהרגיש בנוח, באנגלית!!
הדרך בה היא מלמדת והרעיונות היצירתיים שלה כמו משחקי חברה, קריאה, חיבורים מקוריים ושיחות על נושאים שונים ומגוונים גורמים לי לשכוח שאני בשיעור, אלא במפגש חברתי.
ומעל הכל, האישיות הכובשת ומלאי האנרגיות שלה הופכים את השיעורים איתה לחוויה שאין כמוה.
Rachel Mizrahi, from Israel