Laura Milsom has worked privately as an English teacher and for a variety of institutes and multinational companies.

In London, Laura teaches private and group classes for students working in a variety of sectors. These include: business, law, psychology, finance, research, architecture, education and marketing.

All of us have good memories of one of our childhood teachers. After meeting Laura I’m going to have good memories of one of my adulthood teachers. She has left a footprint in my life. Laura is a brilliant teacher and a better person... Read more

I have studied English for at least ten years and Laura is the best teacher I have ever had... Read more

I really enjoy Laura's classes and learn a lot in them. Thanks to Laura learning English is a very fun experience... Read more

I followed Laura's group Advanced and Conversation English classes for one year. She structures the whole class like a journey full of fun and interesting surprises. Most learning points are taught through games and practice and you just absorb them naturally, without pain... Read more

I met Laura in February 2012 after a friend recommended Laura to me, telling us she was an excellent teacher. From that moment, I’ve been Laura’s student. The first thing which caught my attention was how likeable Laura is and how dynamic her classes are. For example, she mixes grammatical exercises, conversation, homework correction, new materials, oral presentations and debates. Time flies in her classes... Read more

My name is Rachel and I’ve been Laura’s student for almost a year. When I just moved to London I started taking her class and from the first moment I was impressed. Unlike my previous experience in language classes when I was silent most of the time, in her classes, Laura makes me talk, express myself and the most important thing – to feel comfortable with my English... Read more

In Argentina, Laura worked teaching classes for employees in organisations such as HSBC, Accenture, DIRECTV, Young and Rubicam, Rockwell Automation, UTI and Citibank.

I had the opportunity to have English classes with Laura. She was my English teacher at Rockwell Automation. She is really an excellent teacher. She prepares all classes with an excellent and very interesting material and her classes are very fun... Read more

Her classes were always excellent, from the academic point of view and very didactic too. It was as much as I enjoyed and learned in her classes, that she continued being my teacher when I changed my job... Read more

Laura also taught private classes to students working in a range of sectors such as engineering, marketing, design, human resources, sales and tourism.

Laura is a great person and excellent professional. She carries out her work with great dedication and delivers her classes with original ideas... Read more

Laura has been an excellent English teacher. She’s very creative, fun and strong in her teaching methods... Read more

In Brazil Laura volunteered at New Wave School, Foz do Iguaçu, teaching children and adults. She also set up a drama workshop in English.

New Wave School is glad to introduce Laura Milsom for such excellent work she did in our school for four months. Laura developed very good activities which were used by all the teachers. She showed great interest in helping our students improve their skills by preparing conversation lessons, writing a drama school project and other extra activities which were done in regular and extra classes. Laura is a very creative person... Read more